Must say a huge Thank You!

Thank You presents are coming!

As you probably know we have been shortlisted to win a makeover for our facebook page by Ces Creatively

To vote you just need to leave a comment and wow have some people left some amazing comments!

Balloon Baboon should be the winners, no questions asked. Julie is a great person and the business is fantastic.

It’s almost ‘worth’ being ill again to get another delivery from Balloon Baboon!!!! Amazing creations – I was speechless – a winner for sure!!!!

Anyway……. we really want to say ‘Thank You’ to some of the wonderful people who have supported us and said such nice things. That is why we are going to pick 3 people at random from all those who vote for us here

Voting ends on 24th June so you have until then to nip over and leave your comment. Deliveries can only be made within the UK although that doesn’t mean you can’t live abroad yourself. Don’t forget to let us know how to contact you if you win within your comment – your twitter ID, facebook page link, website or email address.

Thank you again, whether you win a delivery or not.


Balloon Baboon needs you!

We have been shortlisted (yay!) by Creatively Mind to win a makeover for our Facebook page and we would love one. I mean really love one!

We need your help to win though as it is all down to which company gets the most votes here

To help us please just nip over and leave a comment.

Thank you!

Believe it or not Balloon Costumes are coming


Balloon Scuba Diving Costume

Our balloon deliveries are always very popular but for some reason balloons that can be worn make everyone that little bit more excited, us included 🙂

So, when we started making our headbands and saw the reaction that they got we wondered if we could take it one step, well a few steps further. We did.

Here is the first of our Balloon Costumes – a Scuba Diver outfit complete with bubbles 🙂

Costumes will be available in adult and child sizes so that no-one will miss out on the fun.

What do you think?

Truffle PR are definitely balloon fans

The girls at Truffle PR

We got 4 new balloon fans last week after sending the crack team at Truffle PR one of our balloon telephones.

It didn’t take long before this fab piccie appeared on Twitter and really made our day.

Balloons will always get your message noticed whatever it is and whoever you are – our appointment to go and chat through ideas with the girls at Truffle PR next week is proof.

Who do you want to notice you and take notice of your message? Maybe we can help

Our Romantic Man is perfect this Valentines Day


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If you are looking for something romantic, cute, memorable AND different to send the one you love this Valentines Day then this Romantic Man balloon could be the answer.

He stands at about 45cm high and is absolutely adorable even if we do say so ourselves.

As all our balloons are handmade our schedule sometimes fills up and we then risk turning orders away, so, if you want us to send one of these out with your romantic message please place your order as soon as you can.

Personalised balloon caricatures – a step nearer


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Last week we got a step closer to introducing our Personalised balloon caricatures by showcasing one of comedian Russell Kane on Twitter….

……and then taking it down to wait for him in his dressing room at The Palace Theatre, Westcliff to see what sort of reaction it got. In a word – amazing!

Russell Kane liked it enough to post the pic above as a tweet AND pop the caricature on stage (eek) so that his Mini Me could watch the audience arrive for his show!

The link to the picture was tweeted by us a few times over a couple of days too and a staggering 2063 have had a peek at it so far.

With so many people taking an interest and oodles leaving us incredible comments we know that our personalised caricatures are going to be a ‘must have’ in 2011.

Keep an eye open for them arriving on the site soon.

Keep an eye out for these this Valentines Day


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Balloons really can be used for all sorts of things by all sorts of people and this year we have been asked to come up with a couple of balloons that can be used by restaurants and pubs on Valentines Day. Something very simple, cost effective and great as a giveaway.

Want to see what we came up with? OK here you go…..

Single roses or a little teddy holding a rose.

So, when you go out for a romantic meal this Valentine’s Day don’t be surprised if you see one of these waiting for you on your table.

The winter weather must be influencing us.


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Even though we are tucked up and warm, apart from our treks out to the local Sorting Office, the snow and icy conditions must be on our minds more than we thought because we created a little Penguin cutie this week.

Watch out for him on the site in the New Year

How cute are these?


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Bit of a fuzzy picture but hope you like this cute little couple.  They are inspired by the Lootle design that the wonderful balloonist Robbie Furman created.

They are such fun to make and we just can’t help but smile everytime we look at one

We can’t wait to get them onto the website so that we can start sending them out all over the UK.